Established in 1940
Steadfast We Stand
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At Greenside Primary School we are proud of the facilities we have to offer our pupils.
We have classrooms that meet the needs of our pupils. Contemporary educational information technology is used by our teaching staff.
We have fields, playgrounds and a swimming pool that cater to our different sporting requirements.
Our Media Centre is a popular part of the school that is used by both pupils and staff.
We have a well equipped Science Laboratory to facilitate the learning of scientific and technological knowledge and skills.
Our Computer Centre consists of 30 computers that are regularly upgraded.
Like our emblem, steadfast we stand.
Striving ever, failing never, hand in hand.
We will go and achieve,
                       love and kindness we share.
Even when we leave,
            we will cherish Greenside with all care.

We will stand together proudly,
We will shout your name out loudly.
Greenside, our shining star 
We love you just the way you are.

Like our green tree way over all,
We'll think of others just like brothers, standing tall.
With God on our side,
               we will not stand alone
We believe in love,
                     we believe Greenside as our home.

We will stand together proudly,
We will shout your name out loudly.
Greenside, our shining star -
We love you just the way you are.
The Greenside Song
Pupils assemble each morning before school.
Our learners help the environment and community with various activities throughout the year.
Inter-House Athletics Day, 2013
Our pupils have great fun at our annual Championship Gala.
Soccer is a favourite pastime during breaks.
Our serene school gardens keep us in touch with the natural world.
Our new classrooms will give us more space for academic activities.
School assemblies are an important
part of the week.
Toilet facilities are cleaned three times each day to ensure good hygeine.
Grade 5 pupils have fun during
Natural Sciences and Technology.
The Grade 6 tour is part of our leadership development programme.
We often take our learners on day excursions.